Company Background

A Message from Our Executive Chairman

Matthew I. DeLuca, Jr.

When I launched MID-SHIP Marine on March 1, 1974, my goal was to set a new standard for highly customized personal service that would enable our clients to grow and prosper. I firmly believed that if we were loyal and dedicated to our clients they would reciprocate and we would share in their success.

I was fortunate to have with me at that time a handful of people in New York and Florida who shared my enthusiasm and desire to be the best in the business. From this early foundation of talent and principles we have built a highly successful and diversified transportation company. I am proud to say that MID-SHIP continues to add talented and dedicated professionals who share my philosophy of providing service based on hard work, integrity and professionalism.

The accomplishments of our enterprise have required the diligence and vision of numerous people working together to deliver on the promises we have made to our clients for more than three and a half decades. As we march forward we continue to keep these thoughts in mind and strive to find the best mix of continuity and change to respond to a rapidly changing marketplace.

I thank our valued clients for their business and thank my partners and staff for their loyalty and dedication. We look forward to serving you with first class transportation solutions in the twenty-first century.

MID-SHIP Partners
Front Row: Aysan Ay, Matthew I. DeLuca, Jr., Brian Malone
Back Row: George Kachmar, Douglas Aprahamian, Bob Diamond, Steven Rzehak

Continuity & Change

MID-SHIP’s prominence as one of the world’s leading brokers has been earned over 40+ years by the hard work of a highly skilled and dedicated professional staff. The result of our effort is a distinguished list of loyal, long-term clients.

Dedication to our clients and their business success has been a constant priority and proud tradition at MID-SHIP. This tradition, however, also demands that we continually change to keep meeting the high standards of our clients.

Among the changes we have made are the expansion of our global facilities, and our participation in joint ventures around the world to increase the value and level of service available to our clients.

Over the years we have also added services to address the entire range of shipping needs, including complete operations services, full logistics capabilities, dedicated trucking services and project cargo management. All of these additional services have helped our clients to concentrate more on their primary business, and in turn be more successful.

With our global presence and core physical services tightly integrated with the latest technology, MID-SHIP stays at the leading edge as an unsurpassed service provider.

MID-SHIP is unique in its commitment to “client-first” service, along with the continual change needed to increase our client’s competitive advantage. While change and innovation are important, MID-SHIP insists on maintaining the highest quality of service.

This combination of continuity and change has earned MID-SHIP’s heritage of client loyalty. Our goal is to have the perfect balance of continuity and change so that MID-SHIP remains the market leader. To date it is working well, with many of our clients sticking with us since day one.

Kinder Morgan Bulk Terminals Purchases Minority Interest in MID-SHIP Marine

NEW YORK [July 2, 2007] - MID-SHIP Marine, Inc. is pleased to announce that Kinder Morgan Bulk Terminals (KMBT) has purchased a minority interest in MID-SHIP Marine, which closed on June 21, 2007. MID-SHIP will continue to serve as manager of the new entity which will be known as the "MID-SHIP Group LLC". The new company will incorporate all of MID-SHIP's entities, which include the chartering, logistics and trucking divisions.

“By combining the core competencies of MID-SHIP and Kinder Morgan, we can offer our clients extensive services across the entire supply chain while simultaneously maintaining the independence of both companies,” said Matt DeLuca, Jr., Chairman and CEO MID-SHIP Marine, Inc.

“We are delighted to be working with the MID-SHIP Group,” said Jeff Armstrong, President of Kinder Morgan Bulk Terminals. “Our existing and potential customers will realize significant benefits from the combined services provided by both companies.”

MID-SHIP’s Board of Directors will now consist of MID-SHIP Partners Bob Diamond, Brian Malone, Steve Rzehak, George Kachmar and Matt DeLuca, Jr., and KMBT Vice President’s John Schlosser and Joe Pontoli. Matt DeLuca, Jr. will serve as Chairman and CEO.

Matt DeLuca, Jr. started MID-SHIP in March 1974 as chartering brokers and over the past 33 years has diversified with numerous offices in America and abroad. Strategic alliances are in place with Overseas Logistica, Brazil, Imperial Logistics, Germany and Ocean Services in Mexico.

Kinder Morgan Energy Partners L.P. (NYSE:KMP) is the largest independent terminal owner/operator in the U.S. with approximately 150 terminals with a liquids storage capacity of about 70 million barrels for petroleum products and chemicals. In addition, Kinder Morgan handles over 90 million tons annually of bulk materials such as coal, petcoke and steel.

New MID-SHIP Chairman

NEW YORK [October 1, 2014] - We are pleased to advise that Mr. Jeff Armstrong has purchased Matt DeLuca, Jr.'s shares in MID-SHIP and is now our Chairman.

Matt will stay on board for another year as Executive Chairman and a member of the "Office of the Chairman" along with Jeff and our Board member Henry Schachar.

Steve Rzehak, Brian Malone, Bob Diamond, George Kachmar, Aysan Ay and Doug Aprahamian will continue as Partners and members of the Board of Directors along with John Schlosser and Tim Casey of Kinder Morgan.

Jeff was the President of Kinder Morgan Terminals prior to becoming the Founder and CEO of Zenith Energy. Zenith is a company focused on building, acquiring, owning and operating terminal and logistics assets in Latin America, Europe and Africa. The company has raised $600 million of equity from private sources including NY-based Warburg Pincus.

Jeff will assist us in “adding value” and serving you across the supply chain.

MID-SHIP Group Updates

NEW YORK [September 16, 2015]

New Chief Executive Officer

We are pleased to advise that our Board Member, Henry Schachar, has been promoted to President and CEO of the MID-SHIP Group.

Matt DeLuca, Jr., our founder and now former CEO, will remain on the Board and he, Henry and our Chairman, Jeff Armstrong, will continue as the Office of the Chairman.

Henry has been on the MID-SHIP Board for the past two years, along with our partners Steve Rzehak, Brian Malone, Bob Diamond, George Kachmar, Aysan Ay, Doug Aprahamian and John Schlosser and Tim Casey from Kinder Morgan.

Henry was part of the founding team at Marquis Jet Partners Inc., and at different times, served as its President, Chief Operating Officer and Vice Chairman. The company was acquired by Berkshire Hathaway’s NetJets in December 2010. Prior to Marquis Jet, Mr. Schachar worked at Philipp Brothers Inc., the leading global trader of non-ferrous and precious metals, agricultural and energy related products, which he joined in 1977. He became President of the company in 1986 and remained in that position through 1991, reporting directly to the CEO of Salomon Brothers, its parent company. Subsequently he held senior management positions with several other commodity companies.

Henry is an active venture capitalist for the past 25 years in both venture funds and start-ups with several highly successful exits. Mr. Schachar received a B.A. in Psychology from Yeshiva University and a J.D. from Brooklyn Law School and is a member of the New York State Bar.

MID-SHIP Sale and Purchase

MID-SHIP is pleased to announce it has partnered with P.M. Klopfer Shipbrokers, Inc. to create a new business unit focusing on Sale & Purchase, Special Projects and cooperating closely with MID-SHIP Capital on a worldwide scale. The new JV, Mid-Ship Sale and Purchase began operations August 1, 2015.

P.M. Klopfer Shipbrokers, Inc. brings with it more than 50 years of Sale & Purchase, Special Projects, Time Charter Operating, Tanker Chartering, Dry Cargo Chartering, Shipping Investment Banking and Shipyard Representation experience.

Peter M. Klopfer is leading this joint venture and is working in MID-SHIP’s headquarters in Port Washington, NY.

Kinder Morgan Logistics

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Harlan C. Bergen to the position of Senior Vice President Kinder Morgan Logistics/MID-SHIP Group, located in Houston, TX. Harlan will be reporting to Henry Schachar and succeeding Bob Diamond who will continue as a Partner in the Group and will be transitioning into a senior Business Development role as of September 14th.

Harlan comes to Kinder Morgan Logistics/MID-SHIP after a successful 10 year career with our partner Kinder Morgan. In his position as Director of Business Development within Kinder Morgan’s Terminals group, Harlan led or participated in over half a billion dollars’ worth of acquisitions and development projects in the dry bulk and liquids arena. Harlan has a strong financial and business development background to go along with his operational knowledge and experience and worked in a number of positions within Kinder Morgan’s Terminals group.

Harlan received his under graduate degree from Baylor University in Waco, Texas and has a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Houston in Houston, Texas.

MID-SHIP Securities

On September 4th, MID-SHIP Capital acquired HSH Nordbank’s broker-dealer subsidiary, now re-named MID-SHIP Securities, LLC. MID-SHIP Securities, LLC is an SEC & FINRA-approved investment banking platform that will allow us to provide financial services to our clients including but not limited to M&A advisory and the underwriting of debt and equity in public and private markets. We’re very excited to begin offering financial advisory services to our clients.

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Our Guiding Light

“Be courteous to your elders who have explored to the point from which you may advance, and helpful to your juniors who will progress farther by reason of your labors.”

- A. Laurence Lowell
Founder of the Society of the Fellows at Harvard University

MID-SHIP employs a staff of dedicated personnel balanced between experienced veterans and energetic young talent. This combination provides an excellent mix of seasoned wisdom and fresh new ideas – a winning formula for continued success.