Individually Strong ~ Unbeatable as a Team! ®

MID-SHIP’s world-class personnel are at the heart of MID-SHIP’s strength. As a service provider, it’s our people that make all the difference. Dedicated, veteran, industry experts fill the MID-SHIP ranks along with up and coming young, talented professionals, providing an environment of experience and growth to serve our clients now, and for years to come.

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Our Founder’s Motto

“Work Hard, And Then Work Harder”

- Matthew I. DeLuca, Jr.
MID-SHIP Group Founder, Chairman & CEO

Matt’s twist on the “Work Hard, Play Hard” expression could not be more fitting. He lives up to his motto day in and day out, with an unparalleled drive and determination.

Matt leads by example, and his work ethic is contagious. By surrounding himself with like-minded individuals over the years, Matt has kept MID-SHIP operating at the highest possible standards, delivering world-class service to our clients.