MID-SHIP brings clients the leverage of a large respected firm with a team of brokers and industry professionals with expert negotiating skills. Our staff offers direct maritime experience, fluency in numerous languages and 24-hour availability. These advantages combine with our total transportation capability and detailed operations follow-through to provide the best choice for your dry cargo needs.

MID-SHIP personnel continually exchange the knowledge we gather from hundreds of conversations throughout the world each day, as well as information tracked through a variety of commercial and maritime sources. This market intelligence, along with data collected from other brokers, shippers, suppliers, governments and port authorities allows us to customize every charter and cargo shipment to fit the specific needs of each MID-SHIP client.

Continual involvement in virtually every dry cargo commodity on every imaginable trade route enables MID-SHIP to view the entire spectrum of the freight market, judge its mood, and quickly take steps to secure the best business deals for our clients. And our clients know that MID-SHIP secures only modern and efficient vessels, barges, railcars and trucks from first-class companies, ensuring superior service and timely performance.

MID-SHIP clients also save significant time and money on back office detail because of our highly responsive operations team, which follows through on each cargo shipment to diligently address any problems that may arise. Their operational expertise is second to none and their value-added service ensures trouble-free performance for our clients.

Attention to detail and alliances throughout the world have convinced large and small companies to use MID-SHIP as their total transportation department. In this capacity we work with clients to manage, negotiate, monitor and administer all activities associated with the transportation and handling of their commodities.

Advanced Technology

MID-SHIP represents the leading edge of technology in the dry cargo transportation business. Clients benefit from our advanced systems to save both time and money during each phase of the process.

Access to our secure extranet via Midship.com enables our clients to have clear oversight of their entire supply chain 24/7 from anywhere in the world. MID-SHIP’s supply chain management system allows clients to request rates, manage vessel, barge, rail and truck shipments, and run customized inventory reports, all from a centralized location. At our clients’ request MID-SHIP can provide access to other related parties involved in the cargo movements, providing transparency and collaboration throughout the entire supply chain.

Clients also have the option to setup data integrations between their systems and Midship.com, creating a highly efficient information platform where automation reduces costs and increases productivity. This is a significant value-added benefit available to all of our clients.

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